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The story about how we sold TheFund - Investment fund.

Promotion ICO of TheFund investment Fund.
Co-founder at ADWAI
Hello everyone! It's Ivan Babaylov - co-founder of Digital marketing Agency ADWAI. And this is a story about how we managed to promote ICO TheFund investment Fund.

About the project:

The Project TheFund.io — investment Fund with the support of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence of TheFund helps to analyze projects by key indicators:

  1. Team;
  2. Marketing;
  3. Community;
  4. Financial model;
  5. Competitiveness;
  6. Perspective.

Promotion of the project with all possible traffic tools, in order to increase awareness, community and attract investment.
What was done:
In General, the task was "not easy", as to promote the ICO in the "falling market" is a risky business.

To begin with, we have identified a portrait of our target audience:

  • Gender: male;
  • age: 25-44 years;
  • areas of interest: IT technologies, marketing, banking, crypto-trader, private entrepreneur, crypto-portfolio owner, cryptocurrency specialist, crypto-consulting;
  • ready to invest from $ 100 in crypto-projects.

Next, we have identified platforms for the Promotion of TheFund ICO:

  • Social network;
  • thematic forums;
  • collaborations with bloggers;
  • ICO calendars and trackers;
  • Telegram;
  • media publication;
  • Email marketing;
  • sending to cryptocurrency funds;
  • Youtube — Video content;
  • Bounty program;
  • Airdrop program;
  • Below we will analyze each of these sites and tell you what methods of promotion have been used.
1. Social network
Phase 1. Packaging.

By packaging, we mean filling the profiles of team members with information (each team member must show his or her entire professional career).

Group packaging in Facebook — filling with content, daily reports on the work done, posting interesting news from the life of the team, holding contests/sweepstakes (project tokens are a prize).

Phase 2. Advertising.

Targeted advertising of ICO projects in Facebook is prohibited, so it was decided to promote in the following ways:

  • writing promotional posts;
  • creating a group and attracting like-minded people;
  • "marketing without a budget" in groups of competitors (communication in group, native advertizing etc.);
  • mutual subscription, likes-following (to start it works well, creates the appearance of a promoted project).

On photo team TheFund.io at Blockchain Life 2018 conference.

Phase 3. Distribution.

In Linkedin by keywords (investor, ico investor, crypto investor) we find people suitable for our portrait, send a newsletter with the presentation of our project — we get feedback.

List of social networks we used:

  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Linkedin;
  • Reddit;
  • Medium.
2. Thematic forums
Posted information about the project on the thematic cryptocurrency and blockchain forums:
  • https://forum.bits.media/
  • https://investing.com/crypto/bitcoin/
  • https://bitcointalk.org/
  • https://bitalk.org/
This is a mandatory part to establish the first contact with the audience (get feedback on the project).
3. Collaborations with bloggers
First, we formed a list of crypto-bloggers. We conducted an analysis of the cheat subscribers and views, then identified the top 5 bloggers and ordered them a video review of our project (with many bloggers managed to bargain and reduce the cost of advertising 2-3 times from the original), some even managed to negotiate for payment in tokens.
4. ICO calendars and trackers
One of the most important stages of the ICO project promotion (in fact, each stage is important, but this allows you to declare yourself directly to the investor).

To date, there are more than 100 sites-trackers for ICO placement. Ideally, apply for each site (some paid, but most — no).

We submitted information about the project to 75 sites, 50 of them published us with 80-90% rating (in fact, ratings can be artificially raised, actually what the ADWAI Digital team was doing), managers of these sites are willing to contact, you can ask about specific actions that will raise your rating, then you need to fulfill the requirements — to ask for a raise and you are in the Top.

TOP 5 trackers that gave the result:
On some trackers, we purchased a premium subscription (personal acquaintance and experience in negotiations helped to reduce the price of accommodation by 30%-50%), in General, it gave us good traffic.
5. Telegram
Creating a chat + channel in Telegram is a good way to communicate with the community and get feedback. Great for delivering the necessary information to the project users (news, promotions, etc.).

There are many ways to attract an audience to Telegram, we used the attraction with the help of Bounty and Airdrop program, as a result, we managed to attract more than 15,000 users in 2 weeks and a "non-stop" working chat.

"Marketing without a budget" in Telegram — joining the group — competitors, imitation of communication in the group with the mention of our project.
6. Mass media publication
Media does not bring traffic that could be immediately converted into investment. But this is a kind of reputational move.

Many projects (investors pay attention to this) publish articles about their project, or their conclusions about a particular event in the media and post a link to the media to their website. We were no exception.

"If the media do not write about the project — then this project is likely to be a fraud" — so some investors think and therefore we had to work out objections and build confidence in the project.

We published 10 articles in various thematic media, having studied the attendance of more than 300 sites through the service of site traffic analysis — we got recognition and, as it turned out, a key investor.

Some of the media we used:
7. E-mail marketing
Newsletter — "auto-funnel" via email. Connected "capture form on the site" (Subscribe) to the audience subscribed to the news.

What did we use it for?

1. Through e-mail marketing artificially create a "sale effect" — constantly remind the audience about what benefits they miss;
2. we tell you more about the product — not everyone has the patience to deal with White Paper and the business plan, so we immerse the audience with information letters;
3. increasing trust — every new contact with the audience is a new step to trust;
4. "lead by the hand" of a potential investor from "acquaintance with the project" to the stage of "investment"
8. Sending to cryptocurrency funds
The most "tedious" , but effective stage.

  1. Packaging of all materials to be sent (business plan, presentation, One Pager);
  2. Collection of email databases of investors and funds;
  3. Subscribe by email to all the funds;
  4. Distribution of information on funds via social networks;
  5. Receiving and processing feedback, appointment of meetings with investors.
9. Youtube - channel promotion
The ICO sphere is quite an amazing phenomenon.

After all, if you want to attract investment in the real sector of business, you need to collect a bunch of "waste paper", go through "7 circles of hell" and, in total, with a probability of 70% you tactfully refuse

What happens in the ICO? — most investors do not even read your business plan (White Paper), they just look at the team, the audience, the stage of the project and the video about the project — it's enough for them. Therefore, the video is a Must Have — TheFund is no exception. Watching a short video will allow you to quickly learn about the project and form an opinion about our project (by the way, TheFund had 3 videos).
10. Bounty and Airdrop program
The fastest and most effective way to grow your audience.

We paid participants for actions: for joining the telegram chat, subscribing to Facebook, for posts in social networks, for registering via a referral link. In fact, Bounty and Airdrop are marketing tools during the ICO, when the project tokens are calculated with the participants.

What results we managed to achieve in a week and a half of Bounty and Airdrop:

  • 15 to the user in Telegram;
  • 8.7 to Facebook subscriptions;
  • 6.5 to followers on Twitter;
  • more than 100 video reviews of our project on Youtube.
"Unfortunately, or fortunately", but the project at the time of attracting investment, found a key investor who liked the idea of TheFund with artificial intelligence and he offered to "buy" the idea and the Fund itself to develop it further.

The team, after long negotiations, agreed that the amount he offered was sufficient for the sale of the Fund and closed the project, handing out (returning) all the invested funds to investors who invested at various stages of the ICO.

Nevertheless, we can tell you about the main indicators that we managed to achieve:

  • Size of the audience (community): more than 34 000 users;
  • Marketing costs: 11 000 USD;
  • Received more than 4,500 visitors to the project website;
  • The project was sold to a private investor, changing its name and country of location. The further fate of the project is not known.
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